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Abdominal Etching

Abdominal Etching


The standards for beauty range from the glamorous to the athletic. And as far as athletic beauty is concerned, it no longer is confined to what you can achieve with just physical exercise—cosmetic surgery technology started to pave the way for a procedure that is designed to help people in obtaining surgically defined abs.

Potential Ab Etching Surgery Targets

The best candidate to undergo ab etching surgery already has naturally firm and athletic-looking muscles underneath a relatively small layer of fat, and this can be enhanced by abdominal etching.

People with very tough and exercise-resistant fat deposits will need to go for liposuction before their abs can be improved and enhanced through abdominal etching. In the same manner, patients with loose and sagging muscles who went through an abdominoplasty will have no trouble getting their surgically defined ab through surgery.

Remember that the success or failure of—or even the approval for—this operation will still depend on the anatomy of the patient. A properly balanced diet and a rigorous exercise program might be helpful as a way of preparing for any surgery of this kind.